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Why OIIT's Innovating for the future of education

We are not your typical innovation lab, we create modern magic.

NSU’s commitment to teaching through doing is fully realized in the Innovation Labs. Our goal is to establish a community of specialty focused innovation teams that work together in person and virtually across all of NSU’s campuses. We work to bring students together with faculty members, staff members, alumni, corporate partners and the community.

Our Process

Our labs are structured to support 3 active zones with a fourth being for open public collaboration. Each zone reflects our philosophy to nurture ideas from conception into a workable product/service.

Zone 01

We have dedicated an area within each lab space to support the submission of new ideas that could be candidates to support an active theme we have going in the lab space. Visitors can also expand on ideas that exist by commenting on them and voting for their favorites.

Zone 02

As ideas are captured we review and organize the most popular ones. We then look at the active community of Innovation Lab student workers, employees, and corporate partners available to take on the challenge presented in our idea bank.

Zone 03

Our third active zone focuses on reflection of the work and ideas that we gather. We want all of the labs to be a place where the results of the experiments we run are leveraged and built upon every semester. We learn from our successes but we learn even more from our failures.

Zone 04
Public Collaboration

We also want to create lab space for students and employees to join us on a regular basis for other collaborative opportunities such as beta testing applications. Stop by and spend some time with us.

* Please note that access to active workshops is limited to those approved to work on projects for the innovation lab. For more information on working opportunities please visit our get involved page.


As technology continues to advance it is becoming easier and easier to deliver augmented reality experiences that students and faculty members can take advantage of to enhance the learning experience. We are working on ways to enrich the learning experience using a variety of methods and techniques such as Apple’s AR Kit. We are also looking for ways to leverage this technology to make navigating campus easier and more engaging then ever before.
Another exciting track we are actively working on is how to create holograms using glasses free 3D. We want to make distance learning more immersive by allowing a faculty member be in more then one location at a time. How you ask...stay tuned for more.
Our innovation lab teams are working to create prototype chat bots that will help NSU provide better and more accurate services to students, faculty, and staff members. We want to take feedback gathered about degree planning, class registration, task management, and more and intelligently automate it wherever possible. We believe that this will give you more academic freedom while also giving back some of the time you spent tediously managing simple tasks.
OIIT's Innovation Lab Work


Our Work in Progress series focuses on active innovation projects and their recent activity. We will be showcasing projects at various stages of development to inform the innovation lab community and to get your feedback on what we are finding. As projects near completion in the lab we will tie everything up into case studies and white papers to document our findings. We will also use this space to inform you about upcoming events to see live demos or to participate in alpha or beta test programs. Stay tuned for more information.