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Here in OIIT's Innovation Labs we strive to create as many opportunities as possible to let you get involved with the innovations we are working on. Your active participation throughout the process is paramount to the success of this initiative. Below are the current opportunities we have available and we hope to have even more coming in the near future.


Currently we are only able to accept students who qualify for the federal work study program or the NSU Employment Program.

Federal Work Study (FWS)
  • This program allows students to secure a part-time employment opportunity to help meet financial needs. This allows you the student to gain valuable work experience while also helping us push the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Eligibility for this program is subject to what you qualify for on your FAFSA. For more information on this program you can visit NSU's Student Employment Site.

If you already know that you qualify for one of the above programs then please reach out to us using the form below so we can connect with you. Please note that position availability changes each semester.

To see what is available please visit Jobx and search for...

OIIT's Innovation Lab Students
NOVA Southeastern University Faculty

Faculty Members

The Innovation Lab would like to support faculty members that have or are working toward securing grant opportunities for research, teaching/training, and community service projects. We believe that students can gain valuable work experience by being a part of these initiatives. Please use the form below so we can connect with you.

Staff Members (Non-Faculty)

The Innovation Lab is open to collaboration with staff members from all of NSU’s college or academic departments. Collaboration is currently limited to idea generation and testing active concept alpha or beta prototypes at this time. We would like to hear from you if your interested in participating in any of our initiatives.

We hope to have more active collaboration opportunities in the future that would be subject to approval from your college or departments leadership.

Note: We do not have any current part-time or full-time opportunities for employees at this time. Please check back in the future as the labs continue to develop for more information

NOVA Southeastern University Staff
NOVA Southeastern University Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

We are looking to build active partnerships with local and global partners to help support our students work on active innovation tracks. If you are interested in speaking with us about partnership opportunities please use the form below to contact us.